About me !

Franz-hose(engl.)Franz-hose.com is the culinary blog of a French person expatriated in Germany.

I think I have interest in coking since my childhood. But what I like is to share and please people, and cakes bring both. When you bake a cake, for me it is a piece of your personality that you bring to others.

Since I am in Germany (and I have been to several cities), I often have been disappointed about German cakes and desserts in general. I do not say everything is bad, it is just that it is less refined than in France.

I wanted to do that blog for a long time, but I always had an excuse not to start writing. But November 2014 was the time!

Small explanation for non-German speakers, Franz Hose is kind of a joke name such as Kari Mysac. In German one say „ein Franzose“ for a French person, and Franz Hose is assimilated as a name and a surname.

You are not forced to laugh, but that title was perfect for my project. I hope in any case that you like/will like my articles!

Do not forget to comment, your opinion is really important to me!