Mint Raspberry Macarons almost like the Minerva

mint raspberry macarons like the minervaSometimes a challenge is god to break the habit. As I often bring what I bake to my office, I asked my colleagues what they would like to have. Spontaneously ma chief asked for something with mint. I wanted to bake macarons, and bring fresh mint in such a recipe is not really easy. How could I use fresh mint and get a really nice taste ? Read more

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Milk chocolate coconut macarons

InstagramCapture_64c0fa1a-46aa-48e1-945b-f5e245daae18-1024x1024And here is the second macarons recipe of my blog ! Bake macarons is like would say Valerie from the blog c’est ma fournée kind of a disease, the macaronite. Well I guess it is linked to the recipe itself. It is sometime hard to get a great result, but when you get the technique you always want to use it. And macarons, no one can say the opposite, they are really good !

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My vanilla macarons

InstagramCapture_8559c788-f038-4109-8214-d150b723fd5c-1024x1024I have to say that macarons are one of my weaknesses. Once I made them it is really hard for me to keep enough for my friends or colleagues. It is also a challenge I have to say. To succeed I had to bake some. I had them formless, cracked on the top, or worse, the dough was way to liquid. I was long disappointed with such a result. But it was worth it!

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