Homemade Nutella Christophe Michalak Recipe

homemade-nutella-christophe-michalak-recipeThis is one of the recipe I wanted to (re)do for a long time. Re-do because I made it already several times, but did not really respected the ingredients. For my blog I need to be a bit rigorous, so I followed everything, all ingredients, all steps! It was a bit long but it worth it. I brought to some friend and they kept the pot, no more for me …

This recipe is the one of the grand Christophe Michalak. And as I always say, he’s known for a reason, and as always his recipe is so fantastic. The mix between the hazelnut praliné and the gianduja is incredible. For those who do not know what these ingredients are, it is bot mixed nuts the first with caramel and the second with icing sugar, where one add milk chocolate. The spread has a great hazelnut taste, but even better it contains no palm oil! It means this recipe helps orang-utan.

I got the inspiration from the blog C’est ma fournée and the website le journal des femmes. Both helped me a lot, especially the second as all the steps are illustrated. Baking was great but eat it was the best. On my balcony, under the sun with fresh bred and coffee.



  • 120 g granulated sugarhomemade-nutella-christophe-michalak-recipe
  • 120g + 150g hazelnuts
  • 2 pinches of salt
  • 150g milk-chocolate (40% cocao is better)
  • 150g powdered sugar
  • 25g milk powder
  • 10g non-sugared cocoa powder
  • 5-10g neutral oil


  • Grill all the hazelnuts in an hoven for 15-20 mins at 180ºC, this helps to increase the aroma. Let cool and get off the skill rubbing them in a dish towel (the black skin would give a bitter taste)
  • Prepare a dry caramel pouring the sugar into the pan in 3 times. What you have to do is to pour a part of the sugar in your pan, let it melt and repeat again. Add a pinch of salt and pour 120g hazelnuts into the hot caramel. Then drop the mix over a parchment paper and let cool.
  • Break into pieces and mix with a food mixer until it becomes liquid. It takes approximately 5-10 mins so do not desperate! You’ll get some hazelnut praline
  • Then mix the resting hazelnuts with the powdered sugar until it also becomes liquid.
  • Melt the chocolate into your microwave or in a bain-marie and add it to the previous mix, you’ll get some Gianduja
  • Mix the resting ingredient with the Gianduja and the hazelnut praline. Choose the quantity of oil depending on the texture you want to get with 5 g you will get a creamy texture.
  • Mix with a hand blender to get a nice texture, and pour into pots.
  • It is done !

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