Mint Raspberry Macarons almost like the Minerva

mint raspberry macarons like the minervaSometimes a challenge is god to break the habit. As I often bring what I bake to my office, I asked my colleagues what they would like to have. Spontaneously ma chief asked for something with mint. I wanted to bake macarons, and bring fresh mint in such a recipe is not really easy. How could I use fresh mint and get a really nice taste ?

After a short research on Internet I got my answer. Without a big surprise the father of the French Macaron Pierre Herme gave it. In his recipe of the macaron named Minerva he brings the softness of the mint and the intensity of the raspberry. I inspired myself from the recipe in the blog .

My version of the recipe changes a little bit from the original. Pierre herme add some mint alcohol, but I did not want to put some as it was for my office. To get a stronger taste I added more mint leaves, and I pressed them in a strainer to get the maximum of flavour.

The ganacheRaspberry Mints Franzhose

  • 100g whipping cream
  • 100g white chocolate
  • 10g fresh mint leaves
  • 30g almond powder
  • 10 raspberry (1 half per Macaron)
  • Chop the mint leaves and boil it with the cream
  • As soon as the mix get steaming get it off your cooking place and let infuse for about 10 mins
  • Chop the white chocolate
  • Filter the cream infused with mint over the chocolate. Press the mint to get the maximum of taste
  • Mix with a spatula, add the almond powder
  • Mix again and let cool in the fridge
  • Prepare your macaron shell
  • With help of a pastry bag pour some ganache over a macaron shell
  • Drop half of raspberry over it, and close with an other shell
  • Put in a fridge for 24h

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