Pies Variation

Whpies-variation-chocolate-hazelnussen friends are coming to visit, what is better than some individual small pastry? and what is better than an individual pie ! Because yes, pies got the power to please everybody and to be available in 1000 variation. Well maybe 999 one but I never really counted.

In this case I used 2 of the variations I know. One was a crunchy pie filled with a generous dark chocolate ganache and some filled hazelnuts. The other one was a soft pie filled with apple and apple puree. Both recipes were really successful, and I even regret that I did not made some more. Some more that I would have kept just for me!

For the realization there is nothing more simple. These are recipes I already baked in the past. Well in fact there were more parts of recipes that I adapted for these one. I used the dough from Mercotte that I already published in an other article. Then I filled the pie with my ganache and the Apple pie preparation. To peel the apples I used a mechanic apple peeler, but a simple knife is also really effective.


For 4 individual hazelnut chocolate piepies-variation-chocolate-hazelnuss

  • Spread the dough and cut circles  a bid widder as your pan
  • Line up your pan and bake for 12-15 mins at 180ºC
  • Get them out of the oven and let cool
  • Heat the cream and pour over 100g of dark chocolate
  • Mix until you get an homogeneous texture and let cool (you get what’s called a ganache)
  • Melt the resting chocolate and spread about a table spoon in your bake crust
  • Drop some chopped hazenult and then some of the ganache on the top
  • Let cool until it solidifies. Tip : do not put them in the fridge you would lose the glance of your ganache



pies-variation-appleFor 4 individual apple pie

  • Peel and cut 2 apple into pieces
  • Pour into a pan wit hthe water and boil
  • When the apple are transparent mix with help of an hand mixer
  • If your puree is to liuid let cook for some more minutes, the mix must be a bit thick
  • Spread the dough and cut circles a bid widder as your pan
  • Line up your pan and garnish with the apple puree
  • Peel and cut in thin slice the resting apple and place over the apple puree
  • Sprinkle each pie with some brown sugar
  • bake for 25 mins at 180ºC, apple should be golden brown



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