Bam the Tiramisu!

bam-the-tiramisuSo Creamy and so soft, the Tiramisu is a great dessert to finish a meal. And on the top of that there is also chocolate in it ! I made that recipe as some friend came home to eat. As always they are my guinea pigs, and try all the dessert I bake. But do not worry, they are doing well, and as far as I know they really liked it.

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Double Chocolate oat cookies

Double Chocolate Chips CookieChocolate is a south America story. Mayas were cultivation the cacao and used it in a drink mixed with spices like vanilla or chilly. They give it some medicinal and invigorating properties. It will come to Europe with the Spanish conquest of the XVIe Century. First in Portugal and Spain, then in France it will conquer all Europe quickly. But the chocolate s we know it does not exists, it is still used as a drink mixed with sugar and vanilla. Chocolate bars appear in Europe in the middle of the XIX e Century, and in 1879 Rodolphe Lindt invents the conching technics that give the chocolate its texture we all know today. Read more

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