Peanut Butter Chocolate Chips Cookies of Eric Kayser

peanut-butter-chocolate-chips-cookies-of-eric-kayserSo you saw the title and you just said yourself, a peanut butter chocolate chips cookie, déjà vu! It is true, there is already a recipe on my blog, but not the one of Eric Kayser. And now you think this is a trickery. Soon you’ll just have to copy an other post and change the name, Bim here is an other Article. But I say NO! this recipe is similar but the texture and taste are different.

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Chocolate Chunks Cookies of Laurent Jeannin

InstagramCapture_1c5183fc-e06a-4366-8001-9e4c0e7e1058-1024x1024  First recipe of 2015, and again a cookie recipe, but a Chef recipe! This one is from Laurent Jeannin who is pastry chef at the Bristol Hotel in Paris. I Found the recipe on the blog C’est ma fournée, where Valerie the blogger always tell how she does here recipes, for who she bakes, and add her impression. I learned a lot reading her, and here, using a cookie scoop was a premiere for me!

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