Bam the Tiramisu!

bam-the-tiramisuSo Creamy and so soft, the Tiramisu is a great dessert to finish a meal. And on the top of that there is also chocolate in it ! I made that recipe as some friend came home to eat. As always they are my guinea pigs, and try all the dessert I bake. But do not worry, they are doing well, and as far as I know they really liked it.

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Infiniment Café Pie – So good !

Infiniment café pie One says that coffee is coming from Ethiopia, where long time ago a shepherd saw its goat eat some berries and get more excited than usual. Well why not! What I know is that coffee is the drink I must have in my day. I could say I am addicted, and as in my office coffee is offered, I help myself! Even today, I’ve been to our office in Darmstadt, In the train station and with my colleagues I had several coffees.

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