Butternut squash cake

Autumn is well and truly here. I do not know abroad, but buternut-squash-cakehere is the sky grey againleaves are getting ochres and the temperature went low… Surprisingly I didn’t see it comingjust as it cames from a day to another. But Autumn isn’t such a bad thing. On the contrary it is a good thingbecause now we can eat applespears and so much fruits again

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Almond pears pie – The bourdalou pie

almond-pears-pie-the-bourdalou-pieIt is already January and the occasion for me to whish you a happy New Year 2016. Be this year full of good food and desire to bake. But no excess! You can’t blame me for breaking your good resolutions. During this new year you’ll have to enjoy but in a balanced way. A bit of sport, a bit of pastry and this new year will be marvellous.

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