Almond pears pie – The bourdalou pie

almond-pears-pie-the-bourdalou-pieIt is already January and the occasion for me to whish you a happy New Year 2016. Be this year full of good food and desire to bake. But no excess! You can’t blame me for breaking your good resolutions. During this new year you’ll have to enjoy but in a balanced way. A bit of sport, a bit of pastry and this new year will be marvellous.

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La Tarte Tatin – A fantastic caramelized Apple pie

la-tarte-tatin-a-fantastic-caramelized-apple-pieI do not know anything better than a great apple pie to end a diner. Anything better because there is almost nothing to do. The recipe is easy and efficient and works almost all the time! Nobody can be allergic, and almost nobody can’t say I do not like it. If you just think about it, an apple pie is a pie crust, some apple and sugar, that’s it !

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Rhubarb jam pie, in a pirate way

rhubarb-jam-pie-in-a-pirate-wayWhat is better than a good jam pie ? Easy to bake, efficient, it works with all kind of fruits. Well it is almost the perfect pie. We all know it with its crossed pie stripes on the top, like someone would have weave a blanket to protect the filling. For me it is the pie you’ll find in the French mountain villages, the one you can bring in picnics without the inside leaks in you bag. It is also known as the linzer pie, which was created in Austria in the 17th century. Its is the oldest pie recipe known (thank you Wikipedia!) Read more

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