Vanilla chocolate rolled biscuit

vanilla-chocolate-rolled-biscuitNew year implies to keep up the good habits. It is not because we are in 2016 that I won’t continue what I started, and for that I tried a new cookie recipe. I you rode some of my other articles you might know that I really like such kind of dried biscuits. When I say dry, of course I mean the kind of biscuits without any cream or filling, biscuits you can put into your bag and bring everywhere you want. And of course share them, or not!

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The creme patissiere

InstagramCapture_43424cc6-52a0-4bfa-97ce-4ce488818d62-1024x1024The creme patissiere is one of the most used creme of the french pastry. One find it in many dessert to fill choux buns or in the vanilla slice. It is also one of the basic to many different kind of other creme such as the creme diplomate (creme patissiere + whipped cream) or the creme mousseline (creme patissiere + butter). I really like that cream because it held great and it is easy to do. I prepare often it the day before. It allows to save time and organize myself better. 

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My vanilla macarons

InstagramCapture_8559c788-f038-4109-8214-d150b723fd5c-1024x1024I have to say that macarons are one of my weaknesses. Once I made them it is really hard for me to keep enough for my friends or colleagues. It is also a challenge I have to say. To succeed I had to bake some. I had them formless, cracked on the top, or worse, the dough was way to liquid. I was long disappointed with such a result. But it was worth it!

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